NEW!Install a Replacement Window Meet the Fine Homebuilding Project House!
This is a detailed guide to installing prehung doors.The author explains how to check rough openings and correct problems so the door can be installed plumb.He also has tips for installing casing when jamb and wall don't line up.
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From Fine Homebuilding96 , pp.46-51 July 1, 1995 FineHomebuilding. is part of the Taunton Home and Garden Network © 2012 The Taunton Press, Inc.All rights reserved.Exterior Window Trim Miter JointMy mom's future bedroomDiscolored around bathroom sink drain - can I install a drain with a larger collar?

Hidden fastner steel roofPondering Diminishing Returns recessed lightsblistering while painting with latex primer?!?!?help please (again)Cutting out vinyle siding to start a wall All discussions...NEW!Install a Replacement Window Meet the Fine Homebuilding Project House!When I see a fellow carpenter install a prehung door the old-fashioned way with layers of opposing shims, I shake my head.

Why hasn’t my new and improved way caught on?It’s faster, stronger, and less filling.Other installers place the door jamb in the opening and start pushing in and pulling out tapered shims, then checking the hinge-side jamb for plumb.The procedure goes in a little, out a little until the jamb looks right.

Then the carpenter drives the fasteners home through the hinge jamb.This sometimes compresses wooden shims, and if the installer doesn’t overcompensate a pinch, the fasteners can knock the jamb out of plumb.

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