Airline Ambassadors engage young people in many of our humanitarian travel activities by providing an exciting educational opportunity to appreciate other cultures, and make a positive difference in the global community.
For example, youth volunteers interact collectively with their peers from different cultures through travel communication.The students learn geography, history, social sciences and language in an interesting real life opportunity to make a difference.
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They use their own creativity to mobilize donations for the mission.

They may collect clothes, toys, pennies, or write holiday cards to be hand-delivered by Airline Ambassadors.Our AAI Ambassador Kits and Cards for Kids Program give structure to these activities.

After the mission a follow up visit to the classroom with pictures, videos and true-life stories make the students efforts come alive.Our program has consistently resulted in higher test scores and academic motivation for the student participants.Airline Ambassadors also co-sponsors an annual School Competition on a global theme to inspire young people the think creatively about social issues that affect us all.

Working with the Madrid based non-profit, , Paz y Cooperacion Airline Ambassadors have involved 1 million children from 62 countries in this annual competition.We provide Grand Prize tickets for student winners.In addition, AAI coordinates a U.N.Press Conference and Award Ceremony at the U.

S.Congress.  » Find out more...7th Graders, at Wornick Jewish Day School, work on a project, during which each student chooses an organization and as a class, they raise money for all of the organizations.

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