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http://www.bucadibeppo..."Spicy Chicken Rigatoni - Again, UH-MAZING.

" In 3 reviews "Buca is a good family style restaurant." In 14 reviews "Their eggplant parmesan was my favorite." In 4 reviews came here for nurses choice of fettucini alfredo, spaghetti or baked ziti.

got the baked ziti in lunch size, i could only finish half!pasta wasn't as tender but i've never had perfect pasta before.tastes like it was a microwavable got baked came in a HUUUUUGE BOWL to feed like a family of 3 holy was ok too.nothing really impressive, but the decor is fun and the tables are meant for big families.our waiter hardly looked at us and literally walked by our table and he tossed the bill on the table and continued on.

RUDE?how about "here's your bill, take your time, it was a pleasure serving you" no?anyway.BIG portions.get the lunch portion or just share everything.carbo loaders, this place will be your best friend Let's start by saying portion sizes, (even Small) are obscene!I had the baked rigatoni, with calamari as a starter, and the Apple gorgonzola salad.

I took home meals for 2 days....Love the waiter service, they are consistent and very attentive.Our party greatly enjoyed our visit to Buca and we will definitely be back.

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