I am Thai, a male Common Marmoset Monkey who lives in Alberta, Canada with my family who owns and operates Chaotic Exotics Small Animal, Bird and Reptile Rescue.
I was born in Alberta on March 17, 2003 (St.Patrick's Day) and am the only primate that can be legally owned in this province.I now serve as a part of an education program for Chaotic Exotics that goes to schools, nursing homes and other functions in our area.
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I hate to say it, but I always seem to be the highlight and get lots of attention.

I wonder if it's because I'm so cute?My family is really great as they have given me a big house to live in filled with lots of toys and lots of love.Toys are very important to primates because without them I would get very bored and start bad and destructive habits.

But, since I have lots to entertain me, I am just fine in my environment.I also love to watch and "tease" the two cats and the dog in my house.It's alot of fun!!    I always wear a special harness made just for me so I can safely visit with people in my community and in the schools that I go to.The education program is great because I help teach people...

especially kids, all about me and others like me that live in the wilds of Brazil.Although my captive diet is different than a wild diet, we do share one of the most important foods to marmosets and that is sap.Marmosets are sap eaters and it is very important to our health to eat it, so in captivity my mommies feeds me "Marmoset Jelly" that is purchased from Mazuri.

I also eat insects, fruits and veggies, cooked meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, fruits loops for a treat, pasta, canned marmoset food, dry marmoset food and my favorite...yogurt!

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