187 - California penal code for murder ; may be seen in graffiti as a threat that someone will be killed i.
e.187 John Doe; may also be worn as a tattoo 274 - Black Gangster Disciples (2nd, 7th and 4th letters of alphabet) - B.G.D.) 2-15-19 - Brothers of Struggle (2nd 15th and 19th letters of alphabet) - B.
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O.S.2-7-4-14 - Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (B.

G.D.N.- 2nd, 7th, 4th and 14th letters of alphabet) 3 - 3rd letter of alphabet: C - frequently used by Bloods to replace the letter C in words to disrespect the Crips i.

e.Bla3k, Mi3key 3obras 415 KUNI - The 415 KUMI is a Black gang that originated in the San Francisco Bay/Berkley area of California in 1985.  The are now referred to as the 415  KUMI.  415 represents the area code for the region.  When added together, the numbers 4+1+5 = 10.  KUMI is the Swahili word for “ten.” 5 in the sky.....6 must die - Revenge; a People Nation member was killed - a retaliation against the Folks Nation will take place 5150 - Refers to a California Mental Health code; may be used to indicate the mental status of a person.

  May also indicate a threat by using the 5th and 1st letters of the alphabet "E" and "A" and the slang number for police "50" to mean Eradicate All Police 7-4 - Code for Gangster Disciples (7th & 4th letters of alphabet) - G.D.Site Design by Matschca Design, Inc.

L.A.Based Gangs -- Gang and Security Threat Group Awareness The Los Angeles (LA)-based Bloods and Crips are probably the most widely recognized gangs in America due to the media exposure received in the 1980's.

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