To make hemp jewelry, you first need to select some hemp twine.
Although hemp now comes in many colors, the signature "natural tan" color is still the most popular.Most hemp jewelry is made from 1mm or "20 lb" twine.However, I have seen thicker twines used to good effect, especially for men's necklaces.
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Make sure your twine is an even thickness (not too many lumpy bits) and smooth (unless you like the rough texture).

You might try waxing your hemp as well, if you like that look.You really do not need any other supplies to make a hemp necklace.However, you may want to add some beads or charms to liven things up.

Lastly, if you want to finish your necklace with a metal clasp, you will need to get some cord tips.These go over the ends of cord, leather thong, or in this case, hemp.There are two types, one has metal flaps that bend over the cord and the other has a coil, the bottom of which you crimp around your cord.Elaine's Macrame Instructions - This is an extensive website with illustrations on a number of macrame techniques which you can use in your hemp jewelry making.

There are not that many books purely on making hemp jewelry, which is surprising given its popularity.But there is one that is really good that is called Hemp Masters: Ancient Hippie Secrets (Amazon link).Kind of a silly title but it's thorough and well illustrated.It covers tons of knots from the basics described here to very complex knots.

It has patterns and projects to make as well - if you are wanting to delve deeper into hemp knotting, this is the book I'd recommend.What I found most helpful was that it illustrates a number of different ways to finish off hemp jewelry, mostly using purely knots.

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