Cosby Show Kid to do Playboy?
(No, Not Raven) - Celebs News Cosby Show Kid to do Playboy?(No, Not Raven) is reporting that Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played “Rudy” on the Cosby Show, is mulling over an offer from Playboy to pose.
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She’s 30 now, so there’s no need to feel guilty if you’re excited.

She hasn’t said yes, and she hasn’t said no.I say “say yes.” Playboy is classy, and you get scrilla.It’s the polar opposite of the nude material the daughter from Family Matters did.

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Sun: Love this show!Really haven't like any shows since Sex in the city!...Kyokushin197536: Thats problem with the world today.everyone is afraid they are going loose money,political...Faletua: I loved the show!It really tells it like it is!Don't let a few GCBs ruin it for the ...Anonymous: It's all about that Christian group - the Million Moms.

They were apparently offended....Anonymous: I heard it was cancelled because of that zealous Christian group-Million Moms.No sense of...Dionisios: Love this show!!!!!Bring it back...

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