Credit Card Payments accepted by Official Payments  There is a service fee added to all online Card payments.
This fee is based upon the dollar amount paid, except when paying parking tickets.The parking ticket service fee is $2 per ticket.Electronic Check Transactions (E-Check) A $2.00 convenience fee is added to the total transaction when paying with an electronic check.
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A valid US bank account and bank routing number are required.

Payments are credited immediately, and the charge is debited within two days.Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) EFT payments are FREE of charge and can be made using any type of United States bank account, ACH Credit, or Fedwire.

You must provide your account number as well as your bank's routing (ABA) number.New York City property owners who pay annual taxes of $300,000 or more must use Electronic Funds Transfer.Pay a Parking Ticket Note: Parking tickets are now being issued for parking tractor-trailers on residential streets between 9 PM and 5 AM.The initial fine is $265, but any additional tickets issued to the same owner within a six-month period are $515 each.

   You are required to respond to a parking ticket within 30 days of the date the ticket was issued; otherwise penalties will be added to the original fine.After 30 days Finance sends a notice for any unpaid parking violation.If you receive a notice and you believe you have already paid that ticket,  make sure the ticket numbers on the notice match your records.

You can request copies of original tickets online.You can pay your ticket(s) in several ways: Pay Online Use your credit or debit card.There is a $2.00 per ticket service fee.

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