Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Workers Registry                                                     The mission of the Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Workers Registry is to safeguard the health and welfare of Oklahomans by promoting competently trained nurse aides through training, testing, and certification; and providing a registry for providers to confirm the employment eligibility of nurse aides and nontechnical services workers.
Nurse Aide Registry The Registry was created through a federal mandate and regulations dated September 1991.The duties of the nurse aide registry include: (1) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide training program curriculum; (2) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide training programs; (3) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide testing; (4) develop and maintain the nurse aide and non-technical services worker registry (5) maintain the abuse registry; (6) certify nurse aides; (7) provide public education; and (8) develop rules, policies, procedures, applications and forms necessary to implement the program.
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The Nurse Aide Registry serves unlicensed persons and employers of these persons, who provide nursing or nursing-related services to individuals receiving services in long term care facilities, home health agencies, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, residential care facilities, and adult day care centers.

"Nurse aide" means any person who provides, for compensation, nursing care or health-related services to residents in a nursing facility, a specialized facility, a residential care home, continuum of care facility, assisted living center or an adult day care center and who is not a licensed health professional.

Such term also means any person who provides such services to individuals in their own homes as an employee or contract provider of a home health or home care agency, or as a contract provider of the Medicaid State Plan Personal Care Program [Title 63 O.S.Section 1-1950.1(A)].Nurse aide certifications: There are six nurse aide certification classes.Nontechnical Services Worker (NTSW) Abuse Registry The NTSW Abuse Registry is authorized under Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes at Section 1-1950.

6 et seq.and identifies only those nontechnical services workers that have had an administrative finding of abuse, verbal abuse, or exploitation of a resident in a nursing facility.This registry is incorporated into the abuse registry for nurse aides."Nontechnical services worker" means a person employed by a nursing facility to provide, for compensation, nontechnical services in or upon the premises of a nursing facility.

The term "nontechnical services worker" shall not include a nurse aide, or any person who is exempt from the criminal arrest check provisions of Section 1-1950.1 of this title; and a.

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