You can use the Scary Maze Game to play a prank on your friends and this Website has lots more shocking Pop Ups to trick people.
You can also have a look at Scary Maze Prank Videos.See the trick being played on other unsuspecting victims.Videos Cool animated short with a shock ending.Britney Spears Maze The first scary popup ever.
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Steady Jap Hand Man out walking in countryside gets attacked by a coyote.

The demonic face at the end of the scary maze is a picture from the movie The Exorcist starring Linda Blair.Here’s what she looks like in real life: Scary Exorcist Face of Linda Blair.

[...] If you want to play this prank on your friends too, you can Download the scary maze game here.[...] you guys are stupid……lol how are you so stupid to be scared by a puny games………lol…lol!!!!!!!!ok guys that was great and it was fun but how do you email it i wanna freak out my friends my uncle already peed his pants from one of these!

omg!!!i was really scared especially in the sounds of it… talagang nakatakot!!!OMG i was so scared i bit rite into my finger!!!!LOL wotmms people say the game is crazy!!!and she real we saw the moive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know a cheat!!!all you have to do is hold down the mouse and drag the dot to the red space well i thought it was really scary, exspecially with the screaming sounds, however when i got used to it, me and my bffl started laughing our heads off.

lol.i liked that maze and that scare the poos out of me.inckluding the sounds thats cool who ecr did that LOL my frend showed me dis and he so flippin scared.Today he came over to ma house and i did it and he screamed and ran off I was so focosted then it poped up and my friend took of running and screaming and i just sat there and screamed my head of.

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