[?] Subscribe To This Site The Ave Maria translation is one of the most requested during the Christmas season, probably because when you think of classic Christmas carols or Christmas music, this song is the one that comes to mind.
Ave Maria, or Ellens dritter Gesang (in German), was actually composed by Franz Schubert in 1825.What's interesting is that most people associate the music with the Roman Catholic prayer, but this was not the original purpose of the song.
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Instead, the music was composed for the poem Lady of the Lake written by a man by the name of Walter Scott.

The music was specifically used as a setting of a song from the poem.The reason for the confusion is al in the first line of the music, as it begins with Ave Maria or Hail Mary, which is the name of the Catholic prayer.

What's interesting, though, and I didn't know this before researching this song, is that the words to the Catholic prayer are oftentimes put to the melody for the Ave Maria composed by Schubert himself!Meaning that not only is the song misidentified as being an ode to the prayer, sometimes the actual words of the prayer are substituted in place of the original words.

How's that for making everything confusing?Oh, yeah, and one more thing for all you fans of Walt Disney's Fantasia.If you remember, the Ave Maria tune is actually used within the movie, but listen to the words next time; the words are different than both the original words used by Schubert, and are also not the words to the prayer!

They're completely different.Here are two different English versions of the music.The first version is a translation of Schubert's original that was written for the poem Lady of the Lake.

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