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info Are you looking for PitBull pictures?In this section you will find a small sampling of many different pictures of PitBulls who are members of the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) including Family and Children PitBull Pictures, Blue PitBulls, Red PitBulls, PitBull puppies, Brindle PitBulls, Merle PitBulls, Black PitBulls, Chocolate PitBulls, White PitBulls, Moo Moo Patterned Pits and all shades of brown.
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On top of this you may enter our growing LIVE Member Gallery with en numerous Pits and more being added daily.

Based on surveys we have taken, the pictures of PitBulls that most people want to see are those PitBulls that are blue.Blue PitBulls are very much in demand and are currently the favorite color overall.

 Blue is one of the more rare colors in PitBulls.Next in line of color preference in PitBull pics that people most request is that of Red PitBulls.The Red Nose PitBull has a unique history and was once near extinction.Before the Red Nose PitBull went extinct however a few individuals began to breed this color of Pit more heavily and now the Red Red Nose PitBull is one of the most prevalent colors in existence.

Although not defined by our survey pictures of PitBull puppies are always in high demand.Who could look at PitBull Puppy pictures and not have their heart melt?PitBull puppies are by far the cutest of all puppy dogs of any breed we think.By far the rarest of PitBulls are those that are Merle.

The Merle PitBull is distinct in its genetics and many times exhibit unique color schemes and a trademark blue eye.The blue eye or eyes are also referred to as crystal and glass eyes.

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